Unakka Nangu is the Malayalam term for "dried Malabar Sole". fried dried fish (Malabar sole). In Kerala, they use Coconut oil to fry their food which  makes them more delicious delicious .

Unakka Nangu is one of the many dried foods available in Aappuzha (Allepey) Kerala, India. In this picture below, the Unakka Nangu was fried in Coconut Oil.

Sole Fish is called Nangu in Malayalam, the language of the Indian State of Kerala. 

Fried Unakka Nangu / Fried dried Malabar Sole
Fried Unakka Nangu / Fried dried Malabar Sole

Unakka Nangu is a Malayalam term for fried "dried Nangu" (Malabar sole). They use coconut oil to fry these dried fish which make them more delicious and tasty. Unakka Nangu is one of the dishes in Kerala, India. 

Sole Fish is called Nangu in Malayalam, the language spoken in Kerala, India.




Pictures below are fried Unakka Nangu straight from Allepey (Alappuzha), Kerala, India. This is one of the foods I tried when I visited the place. 



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