Wet Markets are called Palengke in the Philippines, particularly in Tagalog dialect. This is where almost all housewives, cooks and those assigned to cook go when they want to buy the foods they want to cook. Some are even ready-cooked foods or ready-made foods.

When we were young, our mother brought as along when she goes to the Palengke which is just walking distance from our house. Visiting these Palengke again brings back happy memories of days gone by.

This is one of many places I miss living in Germany. The visit to our Palengke in the Philippines is a joy. Joy to meet vendors, to meet other buyers and make friends. It is a visual feast. I am adding this series of Philippines Palengke for you to also see a part of everyday life in the Philippines, my home sweet home

Pictures of the Meat Section selling Beef, Pork, Chicken, every part of it from head to foot including the innards (liver, lungs, intestines, etc) which is used for culinary purposes, blood (for making Blood Stew called Dinuguan) and skin (for making Chicharon)

The hanging things on the upper left side are Longganisa, traditonal savory sausage from the Philippines. They are always available at the Meat section of the Palengke so it is hard to miss them.

The Chicken section. All parts of chicken from head to feet (made as the famous "Chicken Feet") are also used in the Philippines, including the innards (lungs, liver, etc)

This is the Beef section, not very much is there because Beef is very expensive in the Philippines. The best part of beef, though is available in big supermarkets in the country

Section for sausages, hotdogs (pork hotdog, chicken hotdog, hotdog with cheese, of various brands, sizes and and flavors and also Corned Beef