I am so happy to announce that we finally added a link to my blog to this glossary - the Glorious Life and Food which is all about my colorful and sometimes chaotic life juggling between 2 continents (Asia and Europe) and 2 countries (The Philippines and Germany), my travels around the globe, the activities which my family shared to me as they go about their lives in the Philippines and the United States of America, likewise the incredible life and foods of my extended family in Kerala, India who considered me as their own and my recollections of everything that happened to me as I enjoy my meals with everybody and most especially when I am alone, pictures of places, things and foods that take me back to my childhood, and everything about my uncomplicated life as a grew up with my parents and my siblings in the house where we shared lovely and memorable meals no matter what was on our dining table which was converted as my bed in the night.

My husband commented that I write too much on our glossary and not everybody are voracious readers like me and would not like to read my long stories, but I am a reader and I know that there are others out there around the globe who might be interested to read about the lives of others living in another continent to learn more about their culture and beautiful recollections and memoried of childhood when faced with foods and dishes they have learned to love when they were a child.

My blog is also the story of my life in pictures... it is and will be my visual diary which I wanted to leave as my legacy.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog wherever you might be and may your all your meals be always filled with happy memories.

Here below, I am sharing you a picture of one of the memorable meals I had with my half of my family who now resides in Texas whom I have never seen for a long time. One of my happiest meals with my family when I visited Texas in 2012. With my mom, my younger brother and his 2 boys and my 2 younger sisters.