Deutsch: Äppelwoikrug / Español: Jarra de sidra de manzana / Português: Jarro de cidra de maçã / Français: Cruche de cidre de pomme / Italiano: Brocca di sidro di mele

In the food context, "Äppelwoikrug" refers specifically to a traditional earthenware or glass jug used to serve Äppelwoi, a popular Hessian apple cider in Germany. Äppelwoi, also known as Ebbelwoi, Apfelwein, or apple wine, is a tart and refreshing alcoholic beverage made from fermented apple juice. It is especially common in the Hesse region, where it holds a significant place in local culture and cuisine. The Äppelwoikrug, therefore, is more than just a container; it symbolizes the communal and traditional aspect of enjoying this regional drink. Serving Äppelwoi in an Äppelwoikrug at gatherings is a nod to tradition and a way to enhance the experience of sharing this beloved beverage.


Image demonstrating Aeppelwoikrug in the food context

The Äppelwoikrug typically features a simple, robust design, often with a ribbed exterior for better grip. Traditional jugs might also be adorned with local motifs or inscriptions related to the culture of cider drinking. The use of the Äppelwoikrug in serving Apfelwein is a practice that fosters a sense of community and belonging, particularly in social settings like local taverns, festivals, and markets in the Hesse region.

Application Areas

  • Traditional Restaurants and Taverns: Used for serving Äppelwoi in establishments that focus on regional cuisine.
  • Local Festivals and Markets: Äppelwoikrugs are often featured at events celebrating local traditions and foods.
  • Home Gatherings: Serving Äppelwoi from an Äppelwoikrug is a way to honor tradition during family meals or gatherings.


The "Äppelwoikrug" is a traditional jug associated with serving Äppelwoi, a staple of Hessian culture in Germany. This jug is not just a vessel for a popular regional drink but a symbol of local tradition and communal enjoyment. Its use in various settings underscores the importance of Äppelwoi as a cultural and social beverage in the Hesse region.


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