Aperitif refers to a French word for a light alcoholic taken or consumed as an appetizer before a meal (lunch or dinner). It should not be too strong or too alcoholic. It also refers, in some jurisdictions, to fortified wines with not less than 15\% alcohol. Among the many popular aperitifs include fortified wines such as sherry, port, Lillet, and the vermouth Dubonnet; spirits flavored with bitter herbs or roots, including Campari, Angostura, and Amer Picon; and herb-flavorerd Pastis drinks, such as Pernod and ouzo. A mixed drink, such as Kir which is a blend of dry white wine with a dash of creme de cassis also serves as an aperitif. Champagne is perhaps the most widely recognized aperitif.

Aperitif is pronounced as ah-pehr-uh-teef or ay-pehr-ee-teef

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