Bhavanagari Chilies also known as Bhavnagar Mirchi refer to the variety of very spicy chilli that comes from Bhavnagar in Gujarat, India . It is very famous spicy chili which is available all year round and which has a unique taste whether used for tempering, when used as vegetable dish or when pickled. Whole or sliced Bhavanagari chillies can be made into pickles when mixed with other spices, like fennel seeds, turmeric and many more and a perfect side dish for Chapatis and Parathas or Curd Rice. It can also be stuffed and made into Pakodas Ghatia which is a deep-fried snack made from Gram flour, a Guajarati dish is normally served with Bhavanagari fried green chilies. Ghatia is served mainly at breakfast or snack time with a cup of tea or coffee. Moreover, Bhavanagari Chilies is made into one of the most mouth-watering plain or stuffed Mirchi Vadas.

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