Bacasse is the French term for "Woodcock", a pigeon-sized game bird which lives in boggy woodland. Becasses are mostly cooked undrawn with only its gizzard removed. Ist entrails are considered a great delicacy. They are usually cooked stuffed with their gizzards or sauce made of mashed gizzards. This is a most delicious bird when well cooked ; they must not be kept too long; they are fit for cooking when they become black between the legs, and the feathers are rather loose. They can be roasted on a skewer before a sharp fire for 10 to 15 minutes and when done, serve on the toast and a very little gravy: They may also be barded with thin slices of bacon over the breast, and served with a sauce of Fumet de Gibier. Pronounced: beh-KAHSS Latin: Scolopax rusticola Gender: f Language: French Ethnicity: French Most frequent country: France See places: French food and cuisine See foods and dishes: foie gras

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