Bhel puri refers to one of India's savory snacks made of puffed rice and lentils. Bhel Puri is one  of Bombay’s favorite snacks  made from a  mixture of puffed rice, sev, puri, lentils, finely chopped onions and chopped coriander. They are served with 2 kinds of chutney toppings : 81) a sweet chutney made from tamarind and dates; and  (2) spicy chili and onion chutney

Bhel Puri is also known as Batate Sev Puri. 



I was unfortunate enough not to taste Bhe Puri while travelling to the south of India. I was too scared to taste street foods, especially those sold on the wheel carts. In Allepey Beach, in Kerala, they are mostly available in the night when the beach is full of people, but close in daytimes when I made my morning walk along the beach. So i can only show you the closed wheel carts selling Bhel Puri and other assorted street foods parked at day times.



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