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Burgundy Snail or Helix pomatia linné refers to one of the most known and edible snail. It also is called by the following names: the Roman snail; Apple snail; Lunar; La Vignaiola; Weinbergschnecke in German and the French call them Escargot de Bourgogne or Gros Blanc.

Burgundy Snail is a native of large part of Europe, it lives in wooded mountains and valleys up to 2,000 meters (or 6,000 feet) altitude and in vineyards and gardens.

Burgundy's meat is brown with a lighter ring and firm. It has a subtle taste and slightly grassy. French gourmets recommends that during its preparation, the snails should not be drowned under a ton of garlic so as not to destroy its taste.

Burgundy Snails is one of French cuisine's pride all over the world. However, collection and preparation of Burgundy snails are strictly controlled in France to protect their existance.

It is written that the Romans may have introduced it to Britain. Immigrants introduced it into the to the states of Michigan and Wisconsin in America. Many lovers of snails prefer Burgundy for its flavor and its larger size, as the "escargot par excellence."

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