Char Koay Teow or Char Kuey Teow refers to one of the popular hawker foods from Penang. Char Koay Teow is made from flat rice noodles, bean sprouts, prawns, cockles, sliced chinese dried pork sausage, chives and garlic which are then fried together, then seasoned with chili paste, pepper, thick and light soy/soya sauce. To add even more taste, Char Koay Teow can be served with eggs. Moreover, Char Koay Teow is Penang 's signature dish. Preparing a plate of flat, white rice noodles is an art form that has been perfected in Penang. Stir-fried in a huge wok, the rice noodles are skillfully tossed with prawns, egg, Chinese sausage, cockles, bean sprouts and chives. Some stalls serve the noodles on plates lined with banana leaves to enhance the aroma of the dish. Penang is a state in Malaysia. The food in Penang is widely regarded as the best in Malaysia.

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