Cassava Cake refers to a Filipino sweets/ desserts made from a mixture of grated cassava, condensed milk, melted butter and coconut cream which is baked with or without grated cheese on top. Some are also adding Macapuno as toppings The Filipino name of Cassava Cake is Bibingkang (native cake) Kamoteng Kahoy (Cassava), although this Filipino native cake is more popularly Known in the Philippines by its English name. Personal Note: My who is a nurse in Houston, Texas, mastered cooking Cassava Cake which she always prepare whenever there is a party in her home. Her version of Cassava Cake is really so creamy with the addition of lots of coconut milk and cream. I wanted to learn to cook Cassava Cake to so I can make them as Christmas gifts for my children-in-law during Christmas, but it is hard to find an Asian store where I am residing selling freshly grated cassava.

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