- Caprese (Salad) :

Caprese refers to the popular salad from Italy made from three (3) main ingredients: fresh tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and fresh basil leaves with just a drizzle of salt and olive oil.

Caprese is also known as Caprese Salad and Salata Caprese in Italian.

Caprese is now prepared and served in various ways, but the 3 main ingredients are still the same. Some are prepared like Kabobs, the trio of cherry tomatoes, mini Mozzarella cheese and fresh leaves of basil are skewered in bamboo sticks/skewers and turn into finger foods. Mini Mozzarella cheese and cherry tomatoes are now available in many supermarkets.

Below is a picture of my Caprese Salad Kabobs. I made this for our family reunion for the blessing of our new house in Bremen, Germany

Other various ways, Caprese is prepared is shown in the pictures below:

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