Chakkakuru also spelled Chakka Kuru is the Malayalam term for Jackfruit seeds.

Chakka is Jackfruit in English. In Kerala, India, all the different parts of Jackfruit can be made into a delicious dish, such as the seeds, the raw and ripe meat and the white part which surrounds the meat which are made into fritters.

Picture below is uncooked Chakkakuru which is called Buto ng Langka in the Philippines.

Buto and Langka, is the Filipino word for Seed and Jackfruit, respectively.

In Allepey, Kerala, India, I saw that Chakkakuru are available for sale in many variety shops. Hence, they are always available even without buying Chakka. The first time, I saw them displayed in a variety shop, I was amazed, later I realized they are made into savory dishes.

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