Coppiette refers to a cured meat from Tuscany, Italy.

It is a dried salami-like bars of wild boar or beef from the Maremma Coppiette are cut into strips, and is often flavored with chilis and then hung pairs, traditionally in the chimney, to smoke and dry.

Coppiette is an Italian word which is pronounced "kohp-pyeht-teh"

Description: "Couples." Strips of lean meat from Lazio and Tuscany, of horse, beef, venison, boar, cut into strips, often flavoured with chillis, and then hung in pairs from a string, traditionally in the chimney, to smoke and dry.

Pronounced: kohp-PYEHT-teh
Language: Italian
Ethnicity: Italian
Most frequent country: Italy
Most frequent region: Lazio, Maremma in Tuscany

See places: Italian food and cuisine, Lazio

List of books: Coppiette

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