Coppa is the Italian word for goblet, bowl, glass, cup, or beaker, as in coppa frutta (fruit bowl), coppa per bere (glass of drink)

Coppa also refers to the cured, cooked and dried loin or shoulder of pork. It is an Italian product which is widely made in Central Italy and Corsica.

Coppa Cruda is always eaten raw while Coppa Cotta is cooked.

It  is said that the best Coppa in Italy  is Coppa Piacenza that is made in the area around the city of Piacenza and has been awarded DOP (Denominazione di Origine Protetta) status.

Coppa which is also known as Coppacolla is deep red in color and is available in both mild, slightly sweet and spicy flavors is usually used in sandwiches or as an Antipasto.

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