Caruru refers to a Brazilian seafood stew or shrimp and okra stew (a Gumbo) made of dried shrimps, okra, tomatoes, onions, palm nut oil (known as Dende) and cashew nuts or peanuts. Caruru which is one of the stape foods of the Northeastern state of Bahia is commonly eaten with Acaraje, an Afro-Brazilian street food that is made from mashed black-eyed peas which are formed into balls and then deep-fried in palm oil.

Caruru and many variations or similar dishes can also be found in West Africa, the Caribbean and the Southern United States. In Bahia, street vendors made Caruru not only with shrimp but also sometimes with chicken, grated coconut and chopped vegetables like collards and pepper and herbs.

Caruru which is prepared in Brazil in a considerable number of variations is a ritual food of the Candomblé religion.

Caruru is also a ritual food. It is eaten by the Brazilians when they celebrate on the 27th of September, the feast of São Cosme e São Damião. In Brazil, it is said that when they are serving or having a Caruru for their guests it means they are celebrating family and friendship.

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