Teas in Mongolia are categorized by color type. There are three (3) of such color categorizations: (1) Red Tea that the Han Chinese drink is referred to as black tea and it is enjoyed in Mongolia. (2) Yellow Tea is Jasmine tea They drink Jasmine tea and call it yellow tea. (3) Blue Tea - are Brick teas which are called blue teas. Some say, that the Blue Tea or Brick tea is the most popular type, because of the convenience in carrying it around. However, nowadays, most brick teas used by Mongolians come from India. Tea drinking is natural and important in Mongolia. Tea beverages such as Milk Tea are very popular. Tea is consumed at each of the three main meals every day. Tea is served to guests. It is the beverage of choice at all snack times and used whenever someone is thirsty. In addition to regular tea, flowers, leaves, and stems of some locally grown plants are also used to make teas and other beverages. Milk Tea which is also referred to as Mongolian Tea is the most important beverage used by the Mongolians and their shepherds. To make milk tea, brick tea is crushed into pieces then boiled for three (3) minutes with water. While boiling, it is constantly stirred. Fresh milk is slowly added to this tea in proportions of one (1) part milk to three (3) to six (6) parts water. A little salt is sometimes added. Milk tea can be served with some fried millet in it.

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