Frankfurter Würstchen (German Frankfurters) refers to a hot dog-like sausage made from pork. Frankfurter Würstchen is long, thin, and lightly smoked. Frankfurters are categorized as "Brühwurst". To cook Frankfurter Würstchen, boil some water in a pot, remove the pot from heat when water is already in boling point, then add the Frankfurter Würstchen to the hot water and just let them sit for about 8 to 10 minutes. Frankfurter Würstchen must not be boiled. Frankfurter Würstchen is also available in cans and just have to be heated if desired. Frankfurter Würstchen are traditionally served with bread, mustard or horseradish (Merretich) or with potato salad. A law that was established in Germany in 1860 that protects the "Frankfurter." This law states that only those sausages that were actually made in the city of Frankfurt or its surrounding suburbs can be called "Frankfurter" and butchers outside of this area must label their sausages "Nach Frankfurter Art" which means in the style or manner like Frankfurters, but were not made in the Frankfurt area
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