Gosari is Korean word for "Bracken". Jeju bracken grows in humid upland areas and is thick and bulky, yet tender and soft. Jeju Gosari (bracken) was traditionally served to the king and used for traditional medicine. It contains plenty of protein, iron and minerals that clean the blood and speed up diuresis. Gosari is now commonly used in Jeju. One of Jeju's pork broth which makes use of Gosari (also fiddleheads) is called "Jeju Yukgaejang" Gosari is declared as one of the seven (7) wonders of the jeju kitchen for 2014; one of the 7 delectable foods from Jeju after surveys were conducted with both tourists and Korean citizens. Jeju refers to Jeju Island which is the largest island in South Korea and Jeju Province is one of the nine provinces of South Korea. The province is situated on the nation's largest island of Jeju.
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