Gambas al Ajo refers to a Spanish dish made of prawns cooked in garlic which is mostly served as a Tapa or in some areas as part of Raciones. Gambas al Ajo is usually served in a brown earthenware bowl where it has been cooked in and fresh crusty bread. Gambas al Ajo is a simple dish, however its ingredients vary from place to place, except the basic ingredients: the prawns (gambas) and garlic (ajo). Although the ingredients vary from place to place, the Gambas al Ajo is a simple dish, Gambas being prawns (shrimp) and Ajo being garlic. It can be made from frozen or fresh prawns. However, fresh prawns is always the best. Among the other ingredients of Gambas Al Ajo are: olive oil, sweet cayenne pepper or pimiento dulce, fresh or dried chili, Tabasco sauce, chopped parsley, and a bit of sherry. Here is a simple method for cooking Gambas al Ajo: Heat the olive oil in the earthenware bowl, and add the sliced garlic, cayenne pepper, and chillies, and fry for a minute, add the cleaned prawns and the sherry, cook them until they have turned pink on both sides. Parsley is added as garnishing.

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