Kadala is the Malayalam term for chick peas or chickpeas. It is known as Garbanzos in Philippines. It is also known as Bengal Gram. In India, Kadala comes in two (2) varieties: the regular beige-colored Kadala and black and always available in food stores.

In South India, paricularly in the State of Kerala, it is made into a Curry, Stir-Fry. Various dishes made from Kadala are: Kadala curry and Kadala Porichathu.

Pictures below shows some of the dishes cooked in Kerala, using Kadala as the main ingredient.

Kadala curry is usually eaten with Puttu, Appam and Idli, the traditional rice cakes from South India.

Pictures of dishes and snacks using Kadala or Chickpeas are shown below:

The 2 dishes used a regular beige colored Kadala and the other one used Karutha Kadala, the balck variety of Chickpeas.

Kadala Porichathu or fried chickpeas is my favorite snacks when I visited Kerala. I loved how the vendors in Allepey Beach cook them using Masala powder and lots of Curry leaves. I love the taste of fried Curry Leaves.

Vella Kadala Curry

Karutha Kadala Curry

Kadala Porichathu

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