Kräuterseitling (Pleurotus eryngii) is the German word for "king oyter mushroom". Pleurotus eryngii is by far the best tasting Oyster mushroom, well deserving of the title, the King Oyster. Popular in Europe, this stout, thickly fleshed mushroom, is one of the largest species in the genus. The King Oyster Mushroom, Pleurotus Eryngii, is a very tasty mushroom to cook with. It equires a little longer to cook than some other mushrooms because of their thick meaty stems. Uncooked, the King Oyster Mushroom has very little taste but when cooked they have the typical mushroom umami flavour and a texture similar to Abalone. Kräuterseitling is Whitish, longitudinally radial at first, sometimes rhizomorphic, soon thickening and becoming cottony in age. Based on my experience watching german cooking shows, some Germands have no knowledge about this kind of mushroom, maybe because there are so many mushrooms available and sold in Germany. Sometimes, when it is mushroom time, I am so amazed how many varieties are sold in the vegetable section of a supermarket of a farmers' weekend market. It is a pity that my husband never learned to like the taste of mushrooms, but from time to time when there are fresh mushrooms available I try to buy a big button mushroom and cook it with white sauce and pasta so he will eat mushrooms with me. On my next visit to a farmer's weekend market, I will try to search for Kräuterseitling.

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