Lakka is the Finnish word for cloudberries and also refers to the Finnish liqueur which is actually made from Arctic cloudberries. Lakka are orange-colored raspberry shaped berries growing on marshlands and swamps. Lakka are eaten either fresh as they are with a sprinkle of sugar on top, made into jam or eaten frozen with Kinuski-Kastike and ice cream. Lakka is also known as Hilla. Lakka also refers to Finland's traditional liqueur which owes its name and distinctive flavor from the cloudberry fruit, called Lakka. It is made by soaking the (Lakka) fruits in alcohol for about six (6) months until they sweeten. The major producers of Lakka are Chymos and Lapponia, both owned by V&S Group, best known for its flagship Absolut Vodka. Lakka liqueur is usually served after a meal as a dessert drink, but it can be also mixed with hot coffee or other spirits.

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