Mueganos refer to one of Mexico's traditional sweets sold as street food by vendors around most markets. particularly famous in the states of Puebla and Tlaxcala. They are carried by the vendors around in trays and sell them in town centers and market squares (plazas) for the school children coming home from school and in markets all around the states. 


 Muegenos is made by frying small pieces of unleavened dough, coating them with sugar, most often the traditional unrefined dark sugar loaf called Piloncillo and then formed into a crunchy sticky balls.  

Although Mueganos are usually shaped like balls, some manufacturers and vendors sell them in various shapes and sizes, as  in squares or in small chopped pieces from extruded strands. From time to time, some confectioners made them into larger bars with Dulce de Leche  coating  and sandwiched them between Obleas.  They are also sometimes flavored with cinnamon or other sweet spices.

Obleas are the traditional very thin paper-like breads used in churches as communion hostsand occassionally used to prepare Mueganos .


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