Marzipan Kranzkuchen also called Marzipan Kranz  refers to a German cake/bread shaped like a wreath or garland (which is translated as Kranz in German) with Marzipan and raisins filings with glazed sugar and also lots of Marzipan and chopped almonds as toppings. 


Below are pictures of Marzipan Kranzkuchen from 2 different Bakeshops in Germany, one is from Hamburg Bakeshop and the other one is from Bremen Bakeshop. The very good news is, that both of them tasted so good because it is filled with so many Marzipan.


Marzipan Kranzkuchen - Cake/Bread from Germany





Personal Note: My favorite Marzipan Kranz  is from my all time favorite Bakeshop in Germany called Tenters. Marzipan Kranz is also being offered by other Bakeshops which are everywhere in Germany. I can say that even if I have a favorite bakeshop, every bakeshop offers very good cakes and breads as they all adhere to the basic traditional recipes and they never cheat on the amount of ingredients used. When they say the cake or bread has Marzipan, there will be lots of Marzipan. If they say it has nuts, there will be nuts and lots of it  

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