Mengdah or Mengdah Nah refers to a giant water bug used to belong to the Hemiptera family but is now included in the Heteroptera family and classified as Lethocerus Indicus. Mengdah is one of the edible insects eaten in Thailand and enjoyed basically by the Thai people and also being tried by other tourists who visit the country. Thai people like eating bugs and in Thailand there are many species of edible insects. Eating bugs may be unsavory to some people, but these edible bugs are said to be very healthy and is a good source of protein. I have been to Thailand and exotic foods are sold everywhere. I am not a picky eater, but edible insects is one of the foods which I will never try. My brothers who also visited Thailand, however enjoyed these edible insects and told me that I should try to eat them if I want to visit Thailand again. I love Thailand, especially Bangkok. It is one of the cities where I want to live if given a chance, I love the character of the city, the foods on the streets, its cuisne and food and its religion.

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