English: Stuffed grape leaves / Deutsch: Gefüllte Weinblätter / Español: Hojas de parra rellenas / Português: Folhas de uva recheadas / Français: Feuilles de vigne farcies / Italiano: Foglie di vite ripiene /

Madila refers to Botswana's fermented milk or sour milk which is usually added to Bogobe and can be taken on ist own. Madila is a popular food in Botswana produced through the process of fermentation. When Madila is added to Bogobe, it takes on a different flavor and can be eaten on its own. Bogobe or Botswana's porridge is usually cooked and eaten together with meat dishes. Usually, the porridge is prepared by immersing sorghum and maize in boiling water until it turns into paste forms.

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