Mettwurst refers to soft smoked sausage made usually of pork; a tea sausage spread. Mettwurst is a raw and fresh and spreadable wurst which is made from pork, beef, and bacon, hence it is categorized as Rohwurts together with salami. If made from finely minced ingredients, the resulting Mettwurst is smooth in texture, but if made from coarsely ground ingredients, the Mettwurst is less smooth and are also usually strongly seasoned and smoked. It is important to note that since Mettwurst is raw/fresh its shelf life is short. Delicious when spread with added butter on freshly baked brötchen. My favorite for breakfast! Mettwurst is also known as Teewurst. Mettwurst Made from pork, beef, and bacon. Some are smooth in texture, made from finely ground ingredients. Others are less smooth, made from coarsely ground ingredients. The less smooth varieties are also usually strongly seasoned and smoked. Shelf life of this sausage is short. Wurst Category: Raw/Fresh Wurst Good for Grilling? No Good as coldcuts (sliceable)? No Spreadable? Yes Eat this wurst warm? No

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