Mutta Chikkiyathu is one of the simple foods from Kerala, India which is made from scrambled eggs which are cooked plain or with usually chopped onions and salt and pepper to taste

Scrambled eggs are basically the eggs that are stirred when cooked and without any added ingredients on it.

In Kerala, India, they call Mutta Chikkiyathu (scrambled eggs) an Omelette when they are cooked with chopped onions, usually and some spices, and salt and cooked like Pancakes, flipped like Pancakes and looked like Pancakes. 

Picture below is Mutta Chikkiyathu (Scrambled eggs) served to me during my first breakfast in Allepey, Kerala served with slices of fresh Tomatoes (Thakkali)

Mutta Chikkiyathu (Scrambled Eggs)
Mutta Chikkiyathu (Scrambled Eggs)

To see the difference, picture below is an Omelette served in a Chaya Kada/ Chayakadda on my way to Munnar

Omelette on the way to Munnar cooked with chopped Onions and Green Chilies
Omelette on the way to Munnar cooked with chopped Onions and Green Chilies

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