Mixiote refers to a one of the dishes found in Honduras which is made of meat (lamb, chicken) wrapped in maguey leaves and then baked for hours in a wood-fired oven. Mixiotes is also described as steamed packets of seasoned mutton, whose contents may be rolled into thick tortillas and garnished with fiery Chiles de Manzana (very hot, yellow chili peppers) or Guajillo chilies.

Moreover, In Mexico , food was often bundled and cooked in Maguey plant leaves to create a dish called Mixiotes. Mixiotes are the rather tough outer membranes of young of Maguey plant leaves. These membranes are removed in sheets and were traditionally used to wrap little bundles of marinated meats and chilies which were then steamed. Nowadays, however, Maguey leaves are substituted with banana leaves, or parchment paper as the use of the Maguey in Mexico was stopped by law because stripping the young leaves either kills, destroys or reduced the plant population.

Leaves from different plants were used in the Mayan cuisine. Mixiotes is a dish that is still eaten in Mexico and Honduras today, using parchment papers as wrappers instead of Maguey leaves

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