Perlemoen is the Afrikaans name for Abalone, a shellfish somewhat snail-like, with a distinct head and muscular foot for movement inside a richly coloured shell witch is rough and mostly brown on the outside with a smooth "mother of pearl-like" finish on the inside. The thick muscle or foot with which the "Perlemoen" attaches itself to a rock, is edible. It has a clam-like flavor and is one of the most delectable seafoods/seashells product from the seas. After taking the flesh from the shell, the soft flesh is allowed to relax for at least 12 hours in a cool moist environment, like the rrefrigerator, after which it is rinsed and gently tenderized. The best way to cook Perlemoen is to cut them into thick slices and having trimmed off the frizzy parts, fry them in plenty of butter in a sizzling hot frying pan. Overcooking the Perlemoen toughen its meat, so frying Perlemoen should not take longer then 1. 5 minutes at the most Many locals from South Africa claim that the best way to eat Perlemoen is by barbecuing the flesh on the beach in a piece of kelp (hollow seaweed), but they are also offered in some restaurants made into a schnitzel or stir-fried.

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