Panella refers to a thin paste made of crushed or powdered Ceci (garbanzo) beans and served fried. It is listed as one of the street foods of Italy , particulary of Sicily. Panella is made with Ceci flour or very finely ground fresh Ceci, with just enough water to form a thick paste, chopped parsley, fennel seed, salt and pepper, then fried or deep fried. The cakes should be no more than about a half-centimetre thick, and about eight centimetres (3.5 inches) square, although smaller sizes are popular, too. The cakes should be cooked completely but not to the point of being completely crispy, with the inside being firm but also tender. Panella is one of the favorite finger foods In Sicily. These are flat fried cakes made from the finely ground flour of Ceci (Chickpeas in English), known in Spanish as Garbanzos. Although,there are other tasty Sicilian finger foods, such as Crocché (potato croquets), Panella is among the oldest and made continuously since the Middle Ages. Nowadays, Panelle are sold at street side stands, in the street markets and occasionally in restaurant. Like Arancine (rice balls), Panella is a permanent part of the Sicilian cuisine
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