The following are some of the Street Foods of Italy: 1. Focaccia Genovese is a flat oven-baked bread from Genoa, which has been part of the history of the region since the 16th century in Liguria. It is risen bread or focaccia with sage and olive oil. 2. Fritolin are fried fish cones in Venice. Also available in the "Bacaro", typical Venetian bar 3. Cicchetti are little snacks prepared with different ingredients, cold cuts, boiled eggs, pickles, anchovies, etc accompanied with a glass of Italian wine. 4. Piadine Romagnole is an Italian flatbread typical of Emilia-Romagna, a region which is also known for Tigelle, Gnocco fritto and many other fast dishes. See Gnocco Fritto in another article please. 5. Lampredotto which is cattle stomach cooked with tomatoes, onion, parsley and celery and served as a sandwich filling in Tuscany. Please see another article about this food 6. Porchetta di Ariccia is made of pork slowly roasted with herbs and wild fennel is something to try in Latium. Please see artcile on Porchetta di Ariccia 7. Supplì are balls of rice with tomato or meat sauce, while in Campania, notably in Naples- An important role is played by pizzas and Focacce, like the Parigina which are flat oven-baked bread with ham and mozzarella. Please separate articles about Suppli and Parigina 8. In Sicily, a region that has a lot to offer as far as street food is concerned have Arancini, fried rice balls filled with meat sauce, mozzarella and peas; and 9. Pani ca meusa are spleen sandwiches. Sicilian street food specialties are among the most appreciated and famous ones. 10. Gelato - with which Italian is most famous for is for their delicious ice cream which is available around the world.

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