English: Steamed Rice Cake / Deutsch: Gedämpfter Reiskuchen / Español: Pastel de arroz al vapor / Português: Bolo de arroz cozido no vapor / Français: Gâteau de riz vapeur / Italiano: Dolce di riso al vapore /

Puto Pao refers to Philippines steamed rice cake with meat fillings. Originally, Puto are just plain steamed rice cakes, but some enterprising Filipinos invented a Puto with a meat filling similar to the original Siopao which is steamed bun with meat filling. Hence, it was called Puto Pao from the combined name Puto + Pao from Siopao. Personal Note: My sister-in-law who is so fond of cooking native delicacies used to make Puto Pao when I was still in my home country, the Philippines. She can make good Puto so she also makes Puto Pao, by just adding a meat filling to her basic Puto recipe.

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