Pebronata it refers to a stew from Corsica which is made with kid, beef or chicken cooked in a sauce made with tomatoes, red peppers and garlic.
Likewise, Pebronata which is also known as piverunata is a traditional Corsican dish of beef or kid cooked in wine, and flavoured with juniper berries.

Pebronata is an Italian term pronounced "peh-broh-nah-tah"
Other definition:
Pebronata refers to a Corsican dish of beef braised with juniper berries. Moreover, it refers to a stew made with kid, beef or chicken with tomato sauce, red pepper and garlic. It also known as piverunata and a popular dish from Corsica, the island in the eastern Mediterranean Sea

Pebronata is pronounced "peh-broh-nah-tah

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