Pasterma refers to Armenian beef jerky or dried spiced beef. It is also known as Basterma.
Best time to make pasterma is in the fall. Have butcher remove meat from rib part of beef and slice into 1 1/2 inch thick and 3-4 inch wide slices, any length desired. Put a heavy string through one end of meat and tie into a loop. Cover each piece thoroughly with coarse bag salt and let stand in a bowl or pan for 3 days. Then wash off the salt under the running water and let soak in a pan of water for 1 hour. Hang from loops to drain for 1 hour.

Wrap meat in a cloth, arrange side by side on a flat surface, put a board over them, then lay a very heavy weight of some kind on top of the board to drain all the juices from the meat. Change to dry cloth every 12 hours. Continue this for 2 days. Hang again to dry in a cool, windy place for 2 weeks, or until meat is quite dry.

Make chaimen and soak the meat in it for 2 weeks. Then take out the meat and see that it is well covered with a coating of chaimen. Hang again for another week. It is now ready to eat. Store away in pickling jugs, cover, and keep in a cool place. Slice very thin for serving. If pasterma becomes too dry when stored away for some time, soak again in chaimen until it gets soft enough to slice.

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