Peperoni di Senise refers to a berry about 10 cm long and 5 cm. in diameter and is a greeny red color. Although it can be used fresh it is normally left to dry, then added to the process of making salami, other meat dishes and many soups.

The town of Senise, a little up river, lends its name to a typical product of the region, the local spicey pepper

You may see it sold in necklaces just like garlic and onions.

Recently, the fruit has been awarded the DOP mark which guarantees its territory of origin. In fact, the rules for qualification are more than thorough and have to be seen to be believed.

To give you an idea a true 'Peperoni di Senise' must come from the comune of Senise along the Valle del Sinni: Francavilla S.S., Chiaromonte, Valsinni, Colobraro, Tursi, Noepoli, San Giorgio Lucano, or Agri Valley: Sant'Arcangelo, Roccanova, Tursi, Montalbano Jonico e Craco.

The seeds must be sown in the last third of February to second third of March and the plant can only be harvested by hand.

It can only be commercialised fresh in wooden casks of 12kg or dry in strips of 2 meters or less.

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