Pinakurat refers to a variety of vinegar from the Philippines made from fermented coconut sap which is known in the Philippines as Tuba and bird’s eye chilies called Kulikot (Siling Labuyo). Pinakurat is used as a dipping sauce for various grillled and fried foods and as an ingredient for dishes cooked with vinegar, like Kinilaw (ceviche).

Suka Pinakurat is said to have originated from the Mindanao Island of the Philippines, and its is named after a spicy dish from the same region.

Personal Note: I have remembered this variety of Suka from my home country during my research about the food of the Philippines. I know one way or the other I have tasted it somewhere in Mindanao while I acted as a Census Supervisor, but it is a pity that I tasted it many years ago, but didn't find the time to know just what it is all about until now that I do research about worldwide food. I know right away that I have to add it to my Glossary of wordwide food. It is nice to know that there are such nice products from the Philippines which we can be proud of and I thank the creative Filipinos who invent and concoct something delicious for the other countries to enjoy.

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