Sundae is Korean-style blood sausages. It can also be defined as blood sausage with glass noodles stuffing or filling. Sundae is a Korean dish which is used as one of the basic ingredients in making some delicious Korean dishes, such as Sundae-bokkeum (stir-fried Sundae), Ojingeo Sundae (Sundae inside a squid) or Sundaeguk (Sundae in soup). It is made from steamed or boiled pig's or cow's intestines filled or stuffed with various ingredients, such as blood, noodles and various seasonings. In Korea, it is often served with a portion of both steamed or boiled lung and liver. The dish made from the combination of Sundae, lung and liver is everywhere in Korea from street corners to fine diners. Sundae is one of Korea's (both in North and South Korea) most popular street foods.

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