Salchipapas refers to the Ecuadorian street food made of fried hot dogs and fried potatoes served with a number of sauces and sometimes with an additional fried egg. The sauces that accompany Salchipapas are the traditional Ecuadorian sauces, namely: (1) Salsa Rosada (pink sauce , known in English as golf sauce) made from the mixture of mayonnaise and ketchup ; and (2) Salsa Amarilla (yellow sauce) made by mixing mayonnaise and mustard. Salsa Rosada and Salsa Amarilla are the two (2) most popular sauces used in Salchipapas, while other sauces like Mayonnaise or Chili pepper sauce called Aji are also commonly used. Salchipapas are also sold in Bolivia as street food which consist of sliced fried sausage with potatoes.

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