Schlagobers is the German (Austrian) word for "whipped cream", whipping cream, heavy cream or double cream. Whipped cream is usually used by the Austrians for their coffee preparation and as toppings for their cakes. Schlagobers is also known as Schlagsahne. In Germany, Schlagsahne is the term used to refer to whipped cream or whipping cream, heavy cream or double cream. It is also sometimes called Schlagrahm, but this word is rarely used in Germany. If you want cream for your cake, just say Schlagsahne
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Schlagobers is the Austrian word for whipped cream where it is also known in German as Schlagsahne.

Schlagobers is always served with cakes in Austria and in Germany.

I've experienced that in both countries when you are served with cakes there is always fresh Schlagobers/Schlagsahne on the side. In bakeshops and cafes, when you order a cake, you will always be asked if you want it topped with whipped cream.

This is one of the things Ive learned living in Germany, to make whipped/whisked cream from a cream

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