English: Spluttered Spicy Beef Fry / Deutsch: Gespritztes Scharfes Rindfleischbraten / Español: Salteado Picante de Ternera / Português: Carne de Vaca Picante Salteada / Français: Boeuf Épicé Éclaboussé / Italiano: Spezzatino di Manzo Piccante /

Thirandi Mulakarachu Vevichathu (Vechathu) refers to a traditional dish from Kerala, India made of stingray fish cooked in coconut milk and soured with Kodumpuly. This dish is traditionally cooked in Manchatty/Machatti/Chatti, a traditional earthenware pot used to make great Indian curries.

This special dish made in Allepey, Kerala, India is made from the meat of stingray fish and and its skin

Kodumpuly is a special souring agent used in Kerala, India.Thirandi is the Malayalam word for Stingray fish.

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