Tupig  is a kind of wrapped rice sweet snack from the Ilocos Region of the Philippines which is made from a mixture of milled glutinous/sticky rice called Diket, coconut milk (Gata) and molasses (called Tagapulot in Ilocano). Other ingredients can be added to make this sweet snack special and to make it crunchy, like shredded matured coconut and sesame seeds. The mixture is then wrapped in banana leaves and roasted over charcoal.

Tupig are always available in the markets (wet markets) all over Ilocos Region, and always sold by food hawkers in plastic packs along the way during a stop-over when travelling by bus in almost all Ilocos Region.



Personal Note: Tupig is one of the nicest thing to remember travelling thru the Ilocos Region, especially when travelling by bus and during a stop over food hawkers will be there to sell in plastic packs several pieces of Tupig and you cant wait to get home to eat them. It is "only in the Philippines".

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