Zwiebelkuchen is the German word which literallly means "onion cake" . It is actually a savory cake made of sauteed onions, cream, eggs and bacon on a rich yeast dough crust.  It is a kind of  savory Blechkuchen . Zwiebelkuchen is very popular in Germany's wine regions during Autumn.

It is also popular in other German, speaking countries like Austria and Switzerland and even in a region in France near the border of Germany. In Bern, Switzerland, it is called Zibelechueche, while it is called  Zwiebelwähe (Zwiebelwaehe) (onion tart) in Basel , Switzerland.

Zwiebelkuchen is also known in English as Onion Cake, Onion Tart, Onion Pie or Onion Quiche

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