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Smoko ■■
Smoko refers to the food tradition of Falkland Islands which refers to a midmorning tea or coffee break. . . . Read More
Kamok ■■
Kamok refers to an alcoholic liqueur made from roasted Arabica coffee beans. It is one of the local specialties . . . Read More
Caffe Americano ■■
Caffe Americano refers to a single or double shot of espresso poured over 6 ounces (180 ml.) of fresh . . . Read More
Cocoa at■■
Cocoa beans is characterized as seeds from the pod of a Theobroma tree. Native to the tropical Amazon . . . Read More
Mavrodaphne ■■
Mavrodaphne is a Greek dessert wine; - Mavrodaphne: Also known as: Mavrodafnitsa, Mavrodrami, Thiniatiko; . . . Read More
Arabian mocha ■■
Arabian mocha is referring to the single-origin coffee from the southwestern tip of the Arabian peninsula, . . . Read More
Hyacinth at fashion■■
Hyacinths refer to spring-flowering bulbs with long, narrow leaves that are folded lengthwise. Hyacinths . . . Read More
Teff ■■
Teff refers to a very small millet-like grain grown in the highlands of Ethiopia that produces a grayish-brown . . . Read More
Kabuli Chana (Garbanzos) ■■
- Kabuli Chana (Garbanzos) : Kabuli Chana is also called Garbanzos (beans) or Chickpeas. Kabuli are the . . . Read More
Eucalyptus at fashion■■
Eucalyptus refers to the oil from the leaves of the eucalyptus tree, leaves a strong herbal, camphor . . . Read More