Lap Suong refers to  Chinese Sausage or Chinese-style sausage that originates from China. It is the generic name for any style or variety of sausage from China and known commonly for its Cantonese name "Lap Suong" which is also spelled as Lap Xuong, Lap Cheong or Lap Chong.


My mom used slices of Lap Suong which we have learned to call Chinese Chorizo in making her Pancit Canton and it is still being used by my youngest sister for her own version which made our Pancit Canton version tasting so good.

Sticky rice with Lap Suong and shrimps is called Xoi Lap Suong (Stick Rice with Chinese Dried Sausage

I am inventing my own dish using Lap Suong and Couscous and I can proudly say that the dish turned out so delicious. Please see below.