Alfonsino (Beryx splendens) refers to a kind of fish of temprate waters, particularly the North Atlantic between Madeira and Portuguese coast; Western Atlantic (Gulf of Maine to the Gulf of Mexico), Eastern Atlantic (off southwestern Europe and the Canary Islands) , also parts of the Indo-Pacific, around East Africa, Australia, Japan, Hawaii and New Zealand. Alfonsino has a maximum length of 70 centimeters or about centimeters or 35 inches while the common length is only 40 centimeters. It is rose red and orange in color below, but all fins and inside of the mouth is bright red. Alfonsino's flesh is said to have a pleasnat taste and flavor to be eaten and in Japan it is thought to be at its best during the winter season. Alfonsino is also called Splendid Alfoniso particulary in Namibia and the United Kingdom. Its common names by country are: Alfonsino Besugo and Besugo Americano (Spain), Berice Rosso (Italy), Beryx (France), Besugo (Philippines), Kindemai (Japan), Slender Alfonsino (Australia, South Africa and UK), Roodbaars (Netherlands), Slank Beryx (Namibia and South Africa), Imperador de Costa Estreita in Portugal, Mindre Beryx (Sweden), Pragt-Beryx (Denmark) and Südlicher Kaiserbarsch (Germany), among many other common names by country.

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