Akkra also spelled Akra, Acra or Accra refers to a Creole fritter made from yeast batter wrapped around a stuffing of meat, fish, fowl or vegetable, and shallow fried in Dendê (palm oil), and looking a bit like a falafel. Accra are most commonly made with salt fish, and are likely also to contain any of, grated black-eyed beans, yams, bananas, aubergines, pumpkin, palm hearts, breadfruit and nuts with which the soaked salt fish is mashed. They may be served with a spicy sauce of chillis, onions and dried shrimp. They are based on a dish of West Africa, probably Nigerian origin and are similar to Brazilian Acarajé. Akkra/Akra is pronouced "ah-krah" and is better known as Accra/Acra

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