Accra de Morue refers to an appetizer or hors d'oeuvre from the French Caribbean made from salt cod (salt fish). It is a salt cod fritter made from yeast batter wrapped around a stuffing of meat, fish, fowl or vegetable, and shallow fried in palm oil (Dende). The soaked salt cod is mashed with either grated black-eyed beans, yams, bananas, aubergines (US: eggplants), pumpkin, palm hearts, breadfruit or nutsm, formed into shapes, then fried. Accra de morue is usually served with a spicy sauce made of chillis, onions and dried shrimp. Accra de morue are looking like Falafel and are similar to Brazilian Acarajé. Accra de Morue is pronounced "ah-krah duh moroo" Accra de Morue is also called Acra, Accra, Akkra, Akra, or Accra Lamori

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