Allumette is a French term which means "matchsticks"- vegetable strips cut into matchstick sizes in length and width. and shapes or potaoes cut into thin matchsticks and fried. It is also the name for fried matchstick potatoes.

It also refers to a puff pastry used for hors d'oeuvres or puff pastry strips, cut into "matchsticks"and baked. They are often spread with forcemeat or flavoured butter and topped with savoury titbits, such as anchovies, cheese, olives or shrimps and served as appetisers.

Allumette is pronounced "ah-loo-meht"
Other definition:
Allumette is referring to a small matchstick-size strip. It is a French term which means "match" . It is used to refer to foods cut into very narrow strips and having a matchstick-like appearance.
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